A Shift into Summer

Jun 2, 2017 | Pamper

Hello and a warm welcome to MODE yoga and thank you for taking the time to visit.

Behind the scenes I’ve been working away with Dave of ARDOUR design making my website, modeyoga.co.uk.
I’m completely over the moon with it, it’s beautifully crafted. It all started with a mood board months ago and here we are now launching it in to the world for you to see. I think Dave has nailed exactly what I envisioned. I’m so grateful to have come across Ardour after spotting some work they had done in Brighton and for working closely with Dave who has helped me create what I didn’t have the skills to do. I couldn’t recommend Ardour design enough. Dave and his team are so down to earth, have great ethics, are warm, friendly and enormously talented. They work on projects from Urban Outfitters to small scale business like me. A big shout out and a round of applause for them I think they’re just epic. Check them out ardourdesign.com


This sunny weather really is suiting me. It’s so nice being able to spend more time outdoors be it in the park, garden or eating al fresco in your favourite restaurant.

I’m doing lots of walking down the Regents Canal. I love the look of canal life, the idea of living on a canal boat and being more self sufficient and sunbathing on top of the boat with a glass of prosecco seems dreamy!! Seriously though, I think it’s the simple way of life that appeals, takes me back to living in South East Asia and island life. No room on a canal boat to hoard stuff you don’t need, on the other hand where do I practice handstands?

Handstands aren’t on my agenda at the moment though. I’m now 28 weeks pregnant so my home yoga practice is very different compared to this time last year or even this time last month. I’m slowing down on teaching my public classes too, I’m still making the odd special appearance at studios so keep an eye out on my schedule to see where I’m popping up.

However, I’m still busy with private classes and taking small groups of yoga classes too. Don’t be scared of starting yoga if you’re new to it. If you feel more comfortable starting yoga with a group of your friends or you have a hectic work/family life schedule 1:1 and small group classes are the perfect way to start a regular yoga practice.

I’m finding out for myself that catching a pregnancy yoga class that suits my schedule is impossible sometimes which is frustrating because I know it’s so good for me and it’s lovely being lead and told by someone else what to do!

I can tailor a class to your exact needs and fit it in to even the busiest of schedules. You decide how long, where, when and what you want to practice. It could be the convenience of your office, your hotel or the comfort of your own home or outdoors in your local park on a sunny day. So get in touch! Short notice bookings are also possible. Doesn’t matter if you are a yoga virgin and just want to stretch and move and need lots of attention to learn the basics with confidence or you have yoga experience and want to strengthen your core and work on a particular muscle group to excel your practice to the next level or you want to learn to meditate, re-energise, focus and relax because work is stressing you out. It’s popular knowledge and research proves meditation has a wealth of benefits and can really improve our overall quality of life.

Reiki is becoming a very popular go-to holistic treatment for good reason too. It’s perfect for our busy, stressful lifestyles. It works on a deep energetic level, with all 4 pillars of the body : physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If you’re feeling strung out or just want to relax it really helps to release stagnant energy and blockages making you feel lighter, more energised, connected and aligned to your true self. So what you waiting for? Take some time out, do yourself a favour and book in for some Reiki!

Do get in touch and we can chat about getting you booked in.

I’ve stepped up pamper mode in this last month of my pregnancy because I’ve been on my feet so much and my friends keep encouraging me to go for pregnancy massages and tailored pregnancy treatments before baby comes, it would be rude not to take their advice, right? So next week I’m booking in for some pregnancy reflexology to pamper my achey feet. Recommendations for pregnancy specific reflexology in London welcome. 🙏🏻

To be honest even running a warm bath at the end of the day with a blend of my favourite Doterra oils and lighting a Mama Moon candle and soaking for twenty minutes is just pure bliss. What’s your go-to relax and unwind method?


I’ve been experimenting with some au natural, pregnancy friendly homemade goodies which I will share with you in my blogs.

Here’s a simple one to try at home, pregnant or not.

*** Summer time Face Scrub ***

Summer is almost here so give your skin a spring clean after the long winter months of drying central heating and pollution – laden smog, with this next formula. It’s does an amazing cleansing job while saving you at trip into town and splurging £50 on a expensive treatment or cream.

Go to your kitchen and from your cupboard get :

  • 1 teaspoon of ground almonds
  • 1 teaspoon of oat flakes
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar
  • 1 drop of lemon essential oil (or whatever your favoured essential oil is) Basil oil is also good as it lifts greying skin cells and enlivens the skin tone.
  • Mix the Apple cider vinegar, salt and lemon together, the add the almonds and oat flakes. Use your damp fingers to rub the mixture on your face, and exfoliate skin. Leave for 1 minute. Rinse of well and splash your face with lots of cold water many times. Now feel that soft skin.

Do this twice a week. Ta – da cleaner, happier, glowing skin.

Love & light,


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A Shift into Summer

Hello and a warm welcome to MODE yoga and thank you for taking the time to visit. Behind the scenes I’ve been working away with Dave of...